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Now everyone is talking about the Clubhouse social network, which was recently launched and is available exclusively for users of Apple gadgets.

For now, in order to become a Clubhouse member you need to receive an invitation from one of the existing members or leave your request on the waiting list. So basically they position themselves as a closed club, which not everyone can get into. Just like in “Fight Club”. The rules will probably be the opposite though- “Talk about clubhouse with everyone you know. Make them hate the clubhouse before they even get there”.

Seriously though, at first glance this social network seems to be pretty boring. There are very few interesting rooms, and plus you must be invited to these rooms to first become a listener. If you then wish to be a speaker, then you still need to wait to be approved by mods.

Other apps obviously didn’t wish to eat the dust on this idea for long, and also began to introduce such voice “tricks” in their products, so in my opinion Clubhouse has a very low chance to become really popular. Time will tell.


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