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Habits – That Are Worth Changing For Better Ones

1. The habit of always eating out or buying ready-to-eat food.

This should ideally be replaced with cooking for yourself at least once in a month/week, etc, depending on your circumstances. Cooking helps you exercise fine motor skills, relieves stress after a long work day and creates new neural connections in your brain, keeping it healthier.

2. The habit of keeping all your grievances and quarrels in your head.

Alternatively you an write things down after they happen, analyze them, thank the universe for this experience, and move on. Constantly carrying around all this weight with you is not healthy.

3. The habit of constantly worrying about what others think

Or would think. Instead of agonizing about the opinions of others, I recommend getting into the habit of voicing your opinion honestly, even if it might not be a popular one. In a large group of people there will always be at least someone who agrees with you.

4. This has been said so frequently it is now more annoying than educating

But keeping your eyes glued to your phone is a great way to miss out on life around you. Replace this with trying to be in the moment more often, and using your phone for the purpose it was originally created for – as a communication tool.

5. Regularly sleeping in on the weekends

To avoid this I suggest you include an activity into your morning routine that you like so much, that it will always motivate you to get up earlier. Life is too short to sleep through it.

6. The habit of missing out on meeting interesting people

Or attending stimulating events in order to save money for a new gadget. Live for experiences, not things. Keeping yourself entertained in an active way, learning new things and going to new places will be worth more to you in the long run than that new iPhone.

7. The habit of worrying about not knowing something is better

Traded for the realization that nobody in the world knows everything, and the things that people do know they weren’t born with, they learned them at some point. Learning new things is not scary, it’s inevitable. Also, you don’t need to know everything in order to solve problems your own way. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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