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I miss the girl’s nights out!

Before we were all instructed to stay in our homes, I would meet up with girls every Friday (and often other days of the week) to share a couple of bottles of Prosecco and some take away food & put the world to rights. But mostly, we spoke about our dating exploits. We felt like we were the real life “sex in the city” crowd (and often still do). We always thought we would be permanently dating, permanently single, but we were happy and enjoying dating and none of us were complaining. We enjoyed the chase, the first date, the getting to know him, the variety that you see between guys – there are absolutely no two guys the same (except James & Roger – but more about them later). Generally speaking though, whilst ordinarily a girl could perceive two dates as being almost identical, most often each single first date for me was unique. The girls agreed.

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